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Visual Basic Courses

Visual Basic Courses

Visual Basic for Applications Courses

We run Excel, Word, Access and Developing with VBA courses at your offices in Kent and London.  Our Excel VBA course is by far the most popular. 

Why do I need VBA?  You may not need it.  If you don't write macros, and you don't want to automate repetitive tasks, or design bespoke functions, you probably won't need VBA. 

If you're an advanced user, write macros and want to gain an understanding of the VBA macro language a VBA macro course would be a great idea.  Available courses are listed below.

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Emma Price - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

Brilliant course and pace.  Thank you.

May 2016
Rebecca Page - Excel Advanced - West Malling
I really enjoyed the day and I feel I have a much better understanding of Excel and its different features.  Jayne was really friendly, helpful and approachable and it is really helpful to have the spreadsheets we used sent through to use so that I can practice.
May 2015
Teresa Dodd - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

Jayne was clear talking and made the day and course a pleasure to be on

Feb 2016
Jeanette Last - Excel Intermediate - London
Extremely useful days training, presented at perfect pace and level.  Thank you. 
August 2017
Pat Casey - Access Introductory - Folkestone
Excellent course - probably helped that I had a little knowedge to start with, but it will definitely help in using and developing our existing databases.
May 2008
Tom Adler - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

I will save about nine hours work a month now  that I know how to work with dates in a list.  Thank you for an excellent course.

May 2016
Donna Jinks - Excel Customised - Sandwich
I was unaware of the extent of features Excel has to offer and I will definitely find these useful.  A very enjoyable and interesting course and presentation.
January 2017
Donna Hayes - Excel Introductory - Kings Hill West Malling
Jayne is a great tutor, she explains things simply and in a manner that gives you time to work things out and understand where something has gone wrong. Also the day is made interesting so your concentration doesn't wander.  The course notes will also be of great assistance in the future.
May 2015
Wendy Jackson - Excel Introductory - Sittingbourne
Short and informative.  Loved it!!!
Feb 2016
Kim Rhodes - Excel Intermediate - London
Excellent course and very good tailored content.  Good pace and explanation of everything.  I will definitely use a lot of this in future roles.  
August 2017
James Wareham - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

Jayne is brilliant. Really friendly, informative. Fantastic course.

Thank you.
May 2016
Julie Berriman - Excel Intermediate - Cardiff
Jayne was most helpful and didn't make you think you couldn't ask anything at all - most enjoyable course.  
September 2018
Sophie Byatt - Excel Intermediate - Bromley

Jayne was excellent and very knowledgeable about Excel. Very helpful with demonstrations.

May 2016
Tom Moore - Excel Introductory - Maidstone
I would recommend this excellent course to anyone in the business as I am sure there are things to learn fro all.
May 2015
Radka Patchinger - Excel Intermediate - Edenbridge
A very good course.  Very helpful and enjoyable.  Thank you. 
January 2020
Ian Breen - Excel Intermediate - Cardiff
Interesting course with lots of little gems to save time. 
September 2018
Shirley Yule - Excel Intermediate - Dumfries
Lovely Day - Thank you!!
October 2019
Cat Proudfoot - PowerPoint Advanced - Folkestone

I am already familiar with PowerPoint but it's good to go over and ensure I optimise how I'm using it. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you!

Feb 2017
Samantha Fantom - Excel Intermediate - Tipton
Thank you for such a great training session.  I've already created a new spreadsheet and this will save me half a day's work each week. 
May 2016
Johanna Maartens - Excel Intermediate - Folkestone
I would recommend this course highly to anyone who uses Excel as I found the course most helpful.  Creating and maintaining my spreadsheets will definitely be less time consuming.
Jul 2008
Dan Summers - Excel Advanced - Gillingham
Great day and very productive.  Some excellent tips and tricks for PivotTables etc.
April 2017
Darrell Klose - PowerPoint Advanced - Dumfries
Excellent course. 
October 2019
Stuart Nicolaou - Excel Advanced - Gillingham
Excellent course, lots of useful tools and tips I can use for my job.
April 2017
Rebecca Godfrey - Excel Intermediate - Bromley
Jayne's knowledge of Excel and her training skills are excellent, even though you are part of a group you feel that you are getting one to one training.  Jayne took time to find out what the groups needs were and we covered everyone's particular interests.
Mar 2016
Robert Newman - Excel Advanced - Ramsgate
This was an excellent course and I learnt a great deal and I would unreservedly recommend it.  The patient methodical approach that Jayne used was much appreciated; allowing time for discussion and for practice has ensured that I retained the information. 
Mar 2006
Gillian Rippingale - Excel Introductory - Dumfries
Really enjoyed this course - very interesting. 
October 2019
Marie Cooper - Word Introductory - London
This course will make my report writing far more effective.  Jayne was a very good trainer and worked at the pace of those in the room.  Excellent literature.
Jun 2015
Hayley Minogue - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

Really useful training and it will be very beneficial in work. Enjoyed the course more than I expected.

May 2016
Lily - Excel Introductory - Bromley

Really enjoyable course. I usually struggle with computer courses but this one was clear and enjoyable.  Thank you.

Feb 2016
Kirsty McKee - Excel Intermediate - Bromley
Really enjoyable day, learnt a lot and Jayne was very good at explaining things and went at a very good speed for everyone to keep up. 
Mar 2016
Iwona Dlugosz - Excel Intermediate - Paddock Wood

This training was very beneficial to me. It made me aware of what Excel is actually capable of and what I can use it for. I work with spreadsheets every day and what I have learnt will help me to do my work quicker and more efficiently. I would recommend the course and the trainer to anyone.

Nov 2016
Francesco Antonazzo - Excel Intermediate - London
The training was superb and many features will be used in my daily job.  
September 2017
Chris Collins - Excel Bespoke Course - Gillingham

Thank you for a great course, and we are all still buzzing today with our new knowledge.    I’ve already created a VLOOKUP this morning – knowing what I’m doing!! It’s great, and we learned more in a day than we could have imagined.

Jan 2017
Sue Smithson - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

Jayne makes the training very interesting and you don't feel intimidated and silly about asking questions.  A very enjoyagle and productive day. 

Feb 2016
Sabrina Annon - Excel Introductory - Victoria London

It was great, the trainer was really enthusiastic.

Jun 2016
David Kane - Word Introductory - Folkestone
Anyone doing these courses will get a lot from them.  I came away from the course feeling much more able to deal with the computer needs of my job. 
May 2008
Suzie Kitley - Excel Advanced - Bristol
This training was great.  Jayne explained everything clearly, it was fun and simple to understand the way she showed us how to use the program.  The way the course was designed meant that I didn't need to attend the intermediate course first (although I would love to do it) to understand the features on the advanced course.  
January 2018
Jane Shepherd - Excel Introductory - Bexleyheath
Jayne make the training fun and took time to go over anything I wasn't happy with. 
November 2019
Kitty Fairweather - Visio Intermediate - Canterbury
Great training - Thank you!
February 2019
Hannah Renault - PowerPoint Advanced - Folkestone
Excellent course.   I have started to use PowerPoint on a regular basis and the course will help me work in a much smarter way. Thank you.
Feb 2017
Joyce Wootton - PowerPoint Advanced - Edenbridge
An extremely helpful course. 
February 2020
Clare Carpenter - Excel Introductory - Canterbury
An invaluable course, informative and interesting.  Thank you. 
April 2017
Lyndsey Odhams - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

Jayne is very helpful and teaches you in such an easy to understand way.  This course and the advanced course have been very helpful.

Feb 2016
Maria Swiec - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

Overall fantastic, very interesting with great examples and time to practice. Taught at the right pace for me, not too slow or too fast.  Best course I have ever attended by a mile.  

May 2018
Martinette Tindall - Excel Advanced - London
Thank you, I found the training most enjoyable!  I learnt how to work faster and will use most of what we learnt every day.
Mar 2014
Svetlana Jones - Excel Advanced - Bristol
I really enjoyed this Excel Advanced course and how Jayne presented the material in comparison to the previous Excel courses I have attended.  Very good interaction with everyone and presented in plan English.  Thank you.  
January 2018
Judy Blaney - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

Excellent course. I wish I'd gone on it years ago!

May 2016
Leanne Stevens - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

Very easy to listen too.  Made the day fun and learnt a lot!  

Thank you for a great fun informative day. 

August 2017
Adele Mansell - Excel Intermediate - Cardiff
There were so many tips and tools that I wasn't aware of that will make my daily work much easier.  Jayne was excellent and made sure we all understood each step. 
September 2018
Megan Wigley - Excel Customised - Dover
This course has encouraged me to start using and implementing Excel and these tools much more.  I enjoyed it very much and feel much more confident in using Excel.  
January 2018
Nikki Swaisland - Excel Intermediate - Dartford

Even with things I knew Jayne showed quicker ways of doing them and new commands which I can use on my spreadsheets.  Overall it will save me a lot of time.  

May 2017
Harriet Beasty - Excel VBA Macros - GIllingham
I had no knowledge or experience of Excel VBA before the course and Steve was great and made it very simple, easy to follow and understand. 
September 2018
John Butler - Excel Introductory - West Bromwich

Tutor was excellent. Kept my full attention.

May 2016
Sue Maguire - Outlook Advanced - Sevenoaks
This course was fun and interesting and I have learnt so much.  Jayne has an amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome and is patient and tolerant even with the slowest learners. This training and the back-up manuals have helped me do my job far more efficiently and I'm looking forward to the next course.
Mar 2006
Tamsin Briggs - Excel Introductory - Victoria London

Very good training and Jayne is lovely and patient

Jun 2016
Josh Wren - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham
Very good and well worth a day out of the office.  Thank you. 
May 2018
Rosemary Siggers - Excel Intermediate - Gravesend
This course has been excellent and I will now save a considerable amount of time every month.  The trainer tailored the course to my needs and made what I thought was a boring subject fun and interesting.  I was always nervous of PivotTables but I now understand them - they're easy!  I am now hooked on Excel and can't wait for the Advanced Course. 
Jul 2016
Kim Nash - Excel Intermediate - Bromley
Jayne was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and easy to understand.  Great course, Thank you!!
Mar 2016
Olivia Maclean - Word Intermediate - Folkestone
Very enjoyable and informative course.  Jayne made sure we covered all the ground I had specifically asked for.  Excellent back-up notes and follow up offered.
Oct 2009
Amelia Redman - Excel Intermediate - London
Lovely trainer, lots of great tips, well timed and paced, easy to understand and digest and will definitely use learnings.
Feb 2015
Keely Sunderland - Excel Introductory - Victoria London

This training was excellent - I learnt so many shortcuts and easy ways to work on Excel which I would use on a regular basis

Jun 2016
Kate Menzies - Access Introductory - Canterbury
Sue has been wonderful - very personable and informative.  I would highly recommend her as a trainer.
October 2014
Amy Chrisp - Excel Introductory - Victoria London

This course will be hugely beneficial for future reports . I have learnt so many useful tips that will save me a lot of time.

Jun 2016
Wendy Poole - Excel Intermediate - Dartford
So many helpful tips and has demystified many of Excel's functions. I will save time on many of the tasks I do on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and Jayne was a brilliant teacher. She explained things in a way that was really easy to understand.
Dec 2016
Martin Poole - Excel Customised - Dover
Great course!!
January 2018
Ellie Worcester - Excel Bespoke - West Malling

This course will be a huge benefit to me in my daily role as I have learned multiple skills that will improve my efficiency when creating new spreadsheets and will also help me improve those previously created. Jayne was really helpful, I would definitely complete one of her courses again!

Feb 2017
Sue Panther - Excel Introductory - Bromley

Really good presentation - and learnt a lot on this course - Will be using this in practice.  Thank you.

Feb 2016
Jon May - Excel Intermediate - Canterbury
So many little shortcuts. Brilliant! 
May 2017
Margaret Ewins - Excel Introductory - Folkestone
This course more than met my objectives.  Jayne made the course enjoyable and easy to understand.  I would rate this course as excellent and I would highly recommend it to my colleagues.
Aug 2006
Karen Hitchcock - Excel Intermediate - Folkestone
Very good course.  I learnt plenty and found it more informative than other courses that I have attended.
Jul 2008
Frank Shaw - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

The trainer was fantastic in her explanations of the different elements and intricacies of Excel, and was very humorous while doing so. 

July 2018
Georgie Reeves - Excel Introductory - Bromley

Great course - I would recommend to anyone!! Thank you!

Feb 2016
Lauren Hall - Excel Introductory - Folkestone
This course has benefitted me massively.  Jayne made the course very enjoyable and engaging. 
January 2017
Belinda Pidgen - SharePoint Designer - Sandwich
Steve showed me how to get to the places I need to be in, to be able to do the things I need to do.  Steve was an excellent trainer, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.  An enjoyable two days training and I learnt a lot.  
August 2017
Susan Zaleska - Excel Intermediate - West Bromwich

Just to say thank you to Jayne Wilkins for a clear, professional and relaxed training day. Very easy to follow and understand.

May 2016
Kelly Higgins - Excel Introductory - Sittingbourne
Fantastic course excellently delivered.  
February 2019
Paul Sterba - Excel Intermediate - Gillingham

This was an excellent course which I can build on and in doing so improve my day to day work efficiency.  Thank you.

Feb 2016
Jon Lyons - Excel Customised - Sandwich
I've learnt so many new functions that I'm sure will be used in the fullness of time.  A++
January 2017