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Microsoft Powerpoint Courses - Advanced

Microsoft Powerpoint Courses

This Microsoft® PowerPoint advanced course is aimed at existing PowerPoint users who would like to improve the look of a presentation and/or speed up the way the presentation was created. You should have either attended the PowerPoint introductory course or be a regular user of PowerPoint.

The following list is a guide of what can be covered during the day.  The workshop format of this course allows the content to be flexible and dependent on the requirements of the group on the day

From: £325
Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Day

Creating a Presentation - Recap

  • How to do it
  • How not to do it!
  • Using Masters

Understanding Templates & Themes

  • What is a template?
  • Creating and using a template
  • Applying a theme
  • Customising a theme
  • Creating a custom colour scheme
  • Customise theme fonts & special effects

Slide Masters

  • What are masters?
  • Create & customiser a slide master
  • Adding a placeholder to a slide master
  • Applying a theme & background to the master
  • Adding headers & footers to the master
  • Preventing deletion of a master
  • Placing a logo on every slide

Planning a Presentation in Outline View

  • Why Outline can be so useful
  • Promoting & Demoting Text
  • Expanding & Collapsing the Outline
  • Moving Slides in Outline View
  • Printing, Importing and Exporting an Outline

Presenters View

  • Overview of presenters view
  • Requirements for using
  • Configuring PowerPoint for two monitors

Managing a Presentation

  • Hiding Slides
  • Adding drill down documents
  • Using comments
  • Password protecting a presentation
  • Hyperlinks
  • Using action buttons
  • Custom shows

Transitions & Animations

  • Guidelines for shows
  • Transitions - Adding & removing
  • Animations
    • Applying the first animation
    • Applying multiple animations
    • Animation pane
    • Advanced animation options
    • Animation Triggers

Video Clips

  • Linking & embedding videos
  • Linking to a YouTube video (from 2010)
  • Video Tools: loop, trim, preview and play
  • Optimizing compatability of videos


  • Adding & working with audio clips
  • Record & add naration to a show

Sharing a Presentation

  • Creating a PowerPoint show
  • Broadcasting your presentation (2010)
  • Saving the show to the web
  • Turning the presention into a video
  • Package for CD

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