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Microsoft Powerpoint Courses - Introductory

Microsoft Powerpoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint Introductory

On the PowerPoint Introductory course we will show you the quickest way to put together a professional PowerPoint presentation.

From: £325
Level: Introductory
Duration: 1 Day

Creating a presentation - How to do it

  • Creating a presentation - the steps
  • Typing out content - adding slides
  • Applying a Design
  • Applying an Animation Scheme
  • Running the show
  • Looking at PowerPoint's Views
  • Don't do it this way ....

Slide Layouts

  • Selecting and Changing Layouts
  • Copying Slides within the presentation
  • Reusing Slides from other presentations

Adding Text to slides

  • Working with Placeholders
  • Selecting Text and Placeholders
  • Using Bullets and lining up text
  • Formats & the Format Painter
  • Formatting all slides using the Slide Master

Using Photos, Pictures and ClipArt

  • Inserting Pictures & Photos
  • Moving, sizing, and cropping pictures
  • Compressing pictures
  • Re-colouring pictures
  • Placing a picture on every slide using the Slide Master
  • Creating a photo album

Charts (Graphs) and Tables

  • Adding a Chart to a Slide
  • Formatting & Editing a Chart
  • Copying a Chart from Excel
  • Adding a Word Table

Using Designs and Colour Schemes

  • Using Colour Schemes & Design Templates
  • Creating your own Design Template

Working with Masters

  • Working with Masters
  • Adding Text/Graphics to the Slide Master


  • Printing the Slides
  • Printing Handouts and Notes Pages

Drawing and SmartArt Graphics

  • Using SmartArt Graphics
  • Creating a simple Organisation Chart
  • Drawing/Sizing/Copying Objects
  • 3d Objects, Shadow & Rotate/Flip
  • Fill Colour, Line Style & Patterns
  • Grouping/Ungrouping
  • Drawing Order, Bring to Front/Send to Back
  • Precision Drawing: Grid, Guides, Ruler

Transitions and Animations

  • Entrance, emphasis, exit and motion path animations
  • Animating Drawing Objects
  • Animating a Chart
  • Building Custom Animations
  • Using Transitions & Animations

Running the Slide Show

  • Stopping and Starting the show
  • Recording timings
  • Running presentations automatically
  • Running presentations directly from Email messages

Creating your own show

  • Time is always made available at the end of the course for each student to create their own show from start to finish

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