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Microsoft Word Courses - Modular

Microsoft Word Courses

Microsoft Word Modular Courses

Our Word one-day Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses are very popular for general skill building and following a progressive training plan.  But, there are times when you are under pressure and need to get up and running quickly with a particular Word feature.  This is where our Modular Training workshops are proving to be very successful. Modular training takes the form of 1, 1.5 and 2 hour sessions with a 15 minutes break between each.  Your staff only need to attend the sessions they are interested in and they can go straight back to their desks and put into practice what they have learned.

A selection of our most popular Modular Courses appear below.  Please contact us if you can't find the module you are interested in and we will design a bespoke Modular course that exactly suits your training needs. 

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Level: Modular
Duration: Various

Word 1 - Indents, Tabs and Paragraph Numbering

Duration: 2 hours - Introductory Level

  • Understanding the Ruler Indent Markers
  • Setting and Using Tabs
  • When to use Tabs and when to use Tables
  • Using and editing Automatic Paragraph Numbering (Outline)
  • Creating a custom style of numbering
  • Troubleshooting Automatic Paragraph Numbering Multi-Level Numbering

Word 2 - Storing Paragraphs for Retrieval

Duration: 1 hour - Introductory Level

  • Building Blocks and QuickParts
  • Creating a QuickPart Entry
  • AutoText
  • AutoText Storage
  • Creating an AutoText Entry
  • Inserting an AutoText Entry from the Keyboard
  • AutoCorrect & AutoText Compared
  • AutoComplete Turning off AutoComplete

Word 3 - Tables & Columns

Duration: 1.5 hours - Introductory Level

  • Creating and manipulating tables
  • Troubleshooting tables
  • Formatting a Table
  • Setting tabs within a table
  • Nesting Tables
  • Working large tables that span pages
  • Repeating the Headings on the next page
  • Using tables to create minutes of meetings
  • Working with Columns

Word 4 - Mail Merge

Duration: 2 hours - Intermediate Level

  • Creating the Letter and Address Files
  • Merging the two to create individual letters
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Selective merging – only merging to some of the addresses in the address file
  • Merging to Labels
  • Merging using records from Excel or Access
  • Merging to Outlook Contacts
  • Merging to Email
  • Using Rules to Customise the Merge
  • If…. Then….. Else….
  • Fill in Field
  • Ask Field
  • Working with field codes
  • Skip Record IF
  • Merge Record Number

Word 5 - Styles & Table of Contents

Duration: 2 hours - Intermediate Level

  • What are Styles?
  • Styles: Formatting Automatically with Styles
  • Applying Styles
  • Modifying Styles
  • Creating Styles
  • Adding Styles to the default template
  • Adding Paragraph numbering to styles
  • Creating a Table of Contents automatically
  • Updating a Table of Contents

Word 6 - Headers/Footers & Section Breaks

Duration: 1.5 hours - Intermediate Level

  • Inserting a Header/Footer
  • Changing the Header/Footer half way through a document
  • Changing the page numbering
  • Numbering the second page in a document as Page One
  • Creating different header/footer on the first page and/or odd and even pages
  • Inserting fields within the header & footer

Word 7 - Tracking

Duration: 2 hours - Advanced Level

  • What is Tracking?
  • Turn on Track Changes
  • Editing a Tracked document
  • Inserting a Comment
  • Viewing the changes
  • Using the Reviewing Pane
  • Accept or reject changes made with revision marks
  • Compare two copies of a document to highlight differences
  • Combine multiple documents

Word 8 - Creating Online Forms

Duration: 1 hour - Advanced Level

  • Creating a Form
  • 2010/13 Controls v Legacy Tools
  • Inserting Fields (dropdown lists, tick boxes and text boxes)
  • Setting Field Properties
  • Protecting the Document
  • Filling in an Online Form
  • Creating fields that repeat data
  • Saving Online Form Data only
  • Printing Forms

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