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Microsoft Excel Courses - VBA Advanced

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel VBA - Advanced Course

This Microsoft Excel VBA Advanced Course builds on the feature covered in the VBA Introductory Course.  Aimed at advanced Excel users this course shows how to use the VBA language to write Macros to customise Excel and speed up everyday tasks. 

This course can run as a one-day or two-day course depending on the content required.

From: £POA
Level: VBA Advanced
Duration: 1 or 2 Days

Revision of VBA Introductory Course

  • Objects and collections
  • Methods and properties
  • Using object variables
  • Looping over collections

Links to other Applications

  • Referencing other applications
  • Instantiating objects
  • Writing inter-application code

File System Objects

  • Referencing File System Objects
  • Working with files and folders

File Dialogs

  • Using File Dialogs
  • Allowing multiple selection

Working with text files

  • Avoiding using INPUT/OUTPUT
  • Reading and writing text files

Class Modules

  • What is a class?
  • Designing classes
  • Creating properties and methods
  • Consuming classes

Advanced Class Modules Topics

  • Untyped collections
  • Creating typed collections
  • Creating event sinks

Linking to Data

  • ADO or Access Database Engine
  • Referencing the right library
  • Opening and using record sets


  • Creating and populating arrays
  • Dynamic arrays
  • The PRESERVE keyword

Passing arguments

  • ByRef and ByVal
  • Using optional arguments
  • Using ParamArray

Advanced programming ideas

  • Using functions in code
  • Recursive programming
  • Enumerations