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Microsoft Publisher Courses - Introductory

Microsoft Publisher Courses

Microsoft Publisher Introductory Course

On this one day Microsoft Publisher Introductory course you will look at how to create a publication from scratch, or use one of the hundreds of business and personal design templates installed with Publisher.

This course aims to build skill level and confidence in using Publisher, and time is available for practice exercises during the day.

From: £325
Level: Introductory
Duration: 1 Day

Introducing Publisher

  • What is Microsoft Publisher
  • Introducing the screen setup

Creating a Publication

  • Creating a Publication from a template
  • Saving a Publication 
  • Colour & font schemes
  • Business Information Sets
  • Working with Text Boxes & Tables

Text Boxes

  • Inserting & manipulating text boxes
  • Move, copy and delete
  • Fonts & other text effects
  • Allignment
  • Bullets & numbering
  • Linking text boxes
  • Importing text
  • Spell checking


  • Inserting & working with a table
  • Setting tabs in a table
  • Table formats
  • Working with Excel worksheets

Pictures & Shapes

  • Pictures
  • Inserting & working with pictures
  • Move, size, crop & rotate
  • Watermarking pictures
  • Picture styles & shapes
  • Captioning & compressing pictures


  • Working with shapes
  • Inserting & formatting a shape
  • Group, align, distribute & stack shapes
  • Setting transparency

Working with Guides

  • Using Grid Guides to layout a publication
  • Using Ruler Guides to line up objects
  • Working with the screen rulers
  • Baseline guides
  • Viewing the size & position of an object
  • Changing the units of measure

Pages & Master Pages

  • Inserting & deleting standard pages
  • Understanding Master pages
  • Creating a two page spread
  • Headers, footers & page numbers
  • Setting the page margins
  • Setting a printable background
  • Working with building blocks

Creating a Newsletter & Poster

  • Step by step guide to creating a newsletter & poster

Finalizing your Publication

  • Printing your Publication
  • Using the design checker
  • Printing your Publication commercially
  • Colour modes
  • Creating bleeds for commercial printing

Publisher & Mail Merge

  • Looking at Publisher's powerful mail merge capabilities

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